Another Normal Day with New Findings

Saturday, March 02, 2013

As I was worrying about how to review my one year learning in German, I found the free podcast on iTunes, which has sections around 15 minutes each! 
I actually really like it after listened to two German101 podcasts. 
They used easy dialogues to explain grammar and how daily conversions would go in Germany. In opinion, it's pretty useful and helps me review all grammars I have forgotten. 
Oh languages, if you don't use them, you forget them. So true! 
When I first returned back to Taiwan, I had to think for a second before I spoke in Mandarin! But after three months, I already picked it up just like before. 
Now more and more companies here want to expand businesses to Latin America and Europe. More and more of them would like employees to speak the third languages. And people who do usually get to travel abroad and make extra salary on the site. It's a pretty sweat deal! 
After studying German, I am planning on learning either French or Spanish. 
In today's economy, if you don't keep up, you will be left behind. 
It's never too many for leaning new skills or languages! 
Only three months back, I already felt the competitive atmosphere here in Asia. 
Well in conclusion, podcasts are my new favorite in terms of new music and educational learnings! Great tool! 

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