Healthy 2013! Veggies & Fruit Energy Smoothie Recipe

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Before I dive into the smoothie recipe today, I must introduce you to this amazing vegetarian restaurant here in Taipei Tienmu. 
This health-awared vegetarian cuisine restaurant, Easy House, combines traditional Taiwanese, Japanese, Italian, and French cooking style in one, and uses only vegetarian ingredients.
The wooden decor of the restaurant even emphasizes more on the Taiwanese and Japanese inspiration of their cuisines.
If you think vegetarian dishes are not as filling, then you will be totally wrong. You and your guests  will be started off with a glass of hearty veggies & fruit smoothies, salad & soup for appetizers, followed by either rice, noodle, or hotpot for main course, and ended with tropical fruit plate and a bowl of red bean soup dessert.  If you are visiting here for lunch or dinner, make sure you are very hungry!

Green Salad with Japanese House Dressing

Lotus & Turnip Soup

Sichuan Style Tofu Hotpot with Assorted Vegetables

Truffle Rice with Assorted Mushrooms

Fruit Plate & Dessert

Veggies & Fruit Energy Smoothie

(Put in desirable amount depending on numbers of servings) 
Grind Nuts
Grind Walnuts
Wheat Germ Powder 
Lecithin Powder
Yeast Powder 
Sesame Powder
Ice cubes/ Cold water

1. Soak all nuts for 5-24 hours beforehand and then grind them up in the blender/ juicer
2. Cut all fruits & veggies in cubes, put them in the blender and blend it until pureed 
3. Add in ice or cold water, honey, and sesame powder until desired consistency 
4. Pour it in a glass and blend in wheat germ powder, lecithin powder, and yeast power
5. Ready to serve and remember to finish it within 30 minutes because it contains yeast! 

This is a great smoothie recipe for people who want to improve their health and skin condition! If you have that Vegas trip coming up in March or for spring break, now will be the time to start one glass of smoothie every day! 

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