First Wedding & Tita Italian Cuisine in Taipei

Sunday, February 03, 2013

 Yesterday I attended a wedding of my friend from high school. 
It was quite a shock because I haven't seen her for two years, then the first notice I got when I moved back to Taipei is her wedding invite. 
I had a thought literally flashed over my mind saying that "we really all grew up!"
The wedding was not a usual lavish wedding with long white gown, but a simple yet warm gathering at a church. 
There were 12 other people from the same class attended the wedding. 
Everybody looks so different, yet more mature and beautiful. 
We all met when we were 16 years old. And now, look at us turned to 23. 
It is amazing how time flies. 
I didn't quite understand most parts of the wedding since it was a Christian wedding. 
But seeing my friend is so happy with the guy she is with, I am really happy for her. 
Even though they had to first communicate through the priest in order to get permission to date, even though they only met once a month and talked on the phone twice a week, I guess everything is worth it to them as they vowed to each other about caring for each other for the rest of their lives. 
I sincerely hope they will be a very happy Christian married couple and all of my other friends can find their other halves in the near future. 
Here is a great quote from one of their family who gave the speech, "when you are married to your husband or wife, you have chosen the person to become your partner for the rest of your life. From now on, instead of thinking about 'me' or yourself, you will have to include the other into consideration, and do what is the best for you two."

After the wedding, thirteen of us decided to find a restaurant nearby and have a high school reunion. It was random but pleasant. 
We finally found this cute Italian restaurant, who can accommodate thirteen people without dinner reservation on a saturday night. ( took us quite a while.)
Surprisingly this restaurant called Tita Cafe & Cuisine served amazing pasta and cheesecake! 
I was really hungry when we finally settle down, so I ordered a combo meal with salad, soup, bread rolls, pasta, dessert, and tea. All was for NTD$370. 
My main dish was seafood pasta with tomato cream sauce. The restaurant threw in lots of seafood, which made me really satisfy. 
The cheesecake and the rose milk tea at the end was a perfect ending as well. 
Overall, I was really pleased with the food quality, the service, and the atmosphere. 
Only thing I regret is that I was too happy to see my old friends and forgot to take pictures of the amazing meal. :( But for sure I will be back again! 
At the end, the owner even offered to help us take a group photo. :) 
Look at us all grew up! <3

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