Change your everyday look with a simple touch!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Even though I have enough clothes in my closet to change my everyday style, sometimes I would still stick to one outfit for a few times within the week just because I feel so comfortable in it. For example, my favorite outfit is a white top with a dark gray drape cardigan and a pair of dark color jeans with a pair of black boots.
It's simple. It's comfortable. It's also very convenient if I am running late in the morning. 
Well but I do not want to look like I am wearing the same outfit every time.
So I like to change up my jewelry. With a little twist, my look can look so different and fresh. 
I am also a Indian jewelry lover. Wooden necklace, bangles, you name it! 
Luckily I have sources in India where I can get these affordable yet quality jewelry. 
They are so ideal for every OL to have in order to spice up their everyday look! 

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