My Childhood Playground

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Although weather in Taipei is not as cold as in Seattle, it does change up quit a bit through out the week. It was colder than usual in the beginning of the week, while today the sun came out with a comfortable weather. Since my interview with the bank got rescheduled by the manager and outside was really sunny, I took my dog to the park in the afternoon. 
The park is right by my parents' apartment in Tianmu. I always played around here with my sister when we were little. This is the first time of many years I came to visit the park. 
And the park is actually divided into a small park and a big park. In order to get to the bigger one from the small one, one will have to go through a bridge. 

I always like an entry way like this. Especially in a photograph it looks like the road is taking you to a place you can imagine on your own. 

Just a few more photos of the park, so you will get an idea of where I used to play as a child. =) 

Below is my dog. His name is Coffee. Yes, because his color is brown. I was pretty creative when I named him. 

It is a beautiful and quiet corner in the city if you come around here during lunch time. =) The weather forecast says tomorrow will be a sunny day as well. Maybe I will bring a book to read in the sun. 

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