High School Songs

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I was listening to some old songs that I used to listen to in high school, such as Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney.
Now that I thought about it, I was super in love with all the American pop songs, especially this song.
High school was such a young, fun, and worry-free time for me.
Well...excluding the stress from studying for the college entrance exam, it was a worry-free time zone.
Mommy didn't approve the idea of having a boyfriend, so I never got to date anyone.
I didn't really thought about doing so anyways at the time.
It was the time that I started to explore American pop songs.
In comparison, I was really into punk rock music in junior high, so that was a pretty noisy era for me.
Also, that was the most rebellious time I had with family as well. Maybe the rebellious music style had something to do with that. (Haha trying to blame it on the music)
My mom used to be really pissed at me for listening to all the "noise".
She always expected me to turn on classical music and sit straight.
I did listen to classical at the same time though and still do love it.
Anyways, listening to Jesse McCartney brought back all the good memories, including learning English, going to his concert, and having all the fantasy about lifestyle abroad and such.
I was also crazy about Avril Lavigne, Blue, Backstreet Boy, Hilary Duff, and so on.
Besides watching MTV and searching on the Internet, often time I found new songs from watching American teenager chick flicks. Oh teenager me! Really laugh out loud.
Funny thing is most of the time I did not understand all that love stuff they were singing about.
It's still fun to recall the old times once in a while. : )

My favorite song in high school: Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Song

The other song I used to listen to when I feel down: Blue - One Love

I know these music before I know alcohol, hookah, and all that stuff.
It is amazing how music can affect you.
After I moved back home, I am having near zero opportunities to party and drink heavily.
As a result, I am spending more time on reading books, listening to music, playing piano, and discovering new fashion/travel/cooking blogs.
It feels quite good to have a change of lifestyle after three years of partying. =)
To conclude, I found my life stages can be categorized by different music styles as following,
Baby stage --> Most certainly it was classical music because of my mom. lol Oh mommy!
Elementary School --> Classical music & Taiwanese Pop ( T-POP??! XD )
Junior High --> Taiwanese Pop and then progressively going into Punk Rock then fully Punk Rock
High School --> American Pop
Freshman Year of College --> Hip-Hop & Pop Dance Music 
Sophomore Year --> Pop Dance & Alternative Music
Junior Year --> Pop Dance & Techno
Senior Year --> Techno & Trance & maybe a little bit of Dub-step
Now --> Enjoy the fever of K-Pop in Taiwan, but still following Techno, also slowly exploring some Taiwanese pop songs.

- The End - 

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